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Created Sep 25, 2020 | USA
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The Chocolate House Misses You!
The Chocolate House is a collection of artisan and fine chocolate from around the world. For over 10 years, our store has helped people find their favorite chocolate here in DC. We are immensely grateful for the support we've received throughout the years, and especially during the last few chaotic months. Because of the COVID and the pandemic, we have needed to make changes and updates to the store in order to ensure a safe-reopening.
As a result of the store having been closed for in-store shopping since March, the summer season has been particularly difficult on us and sales have been exceptionally low. Furthermore, our chocolate supply has dwindled over the summer and we are either very low or missing some of our core products and customer-favorites.
It's been a very difficult time, and we are struggling to get ready for a strong re-opening. We need your help!
What We Need
We're asking our chocolate-loving community to help us reach our goal of $5,000.
Your support will help and allow us to:
  • Purchase chocolate and replenish our inventory;
  • Help us secure funds and guarantee rent for the season;
  • Re-employee our vibrant and caring staff; and
  • Purchase the necessary PPE supplies and materials to protect staff and customers!

What You Get
We have perks for contributing customers, including chocolate boxes, merchandise, discounts, private classes, and more!
You will also receive our undying gratitude and a wonderful air hug (from 6ft+ away).
Impact The Chocolate House has been a labor of love and delicious chocolate for over 10 years. Our mission has always been to promote artisan and craft chocolate, to bring chocolate-makers together, and to educate consumers on benefits and impact of craft bean-to-bar chocolate. Although COVID has changed so much of the world around us, we hope to continue bringing you the chocolate you love and the joy it inspires for as long as possible.
Other Ways You Can Help We appreciate any help you can provide. In addition, you can support us by:
  • Sharing our campaign with family, friends, colleagues, and others;
  • Promoting our website and social media profiles within your community; and
  • Purchasing chocolate from us over the phone or online until we can re-open!
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